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Workbench: ANSYS’ Simulation Platform

Concept design. Detailed design. Verification and validation. Prototype and test. Today, simulation can be used in each of these areas to great benefit. However, that doesn’t mean you can simply create one simulation solution to cover all of them. There are distinctly separate roles that would apply simulation in each of those phases of development. Each of those roles will have varying knowledge and skills with respect to engineering physics, analysis methods, CAD software and simulation software.

Given such variation, it is tempting to build a myriad of software applications, each tailored for different roles and needs. But here’s the conflict, software providers want and need to leverage and reuse the same simulation technology. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel each time a new role that needs simulation pops up. So what should a software provider do?

Build a platform.

And therein lies the reason that I’m starting a series of reviews on ANSYS offerings with a look at their platform Workbench. In this post, you get a review of the capabilities it provides and my take on its positives and negatives. Ready? Lets get started.

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